How to Play Tic Tac Toe?


The tic tac toe game may be the best classic game ever to be played by multiple players. It offers so much fun and challenges us so much that we don’t get bored playing it. However, along with the tic tac toe, there are also those other games that came out together with the tic tac toe game, but the game play of those games does not match what the tic tac toe has, which was simple, engaging and significantly improves the mental capacity of the player.

Easy step by step play

The game features a three by three grids for basic beginner’s mode and the number of the grid increases as the degree of difficulty goes higher. So basically, it needs two people to play the game and each player should toss a coin first to determine who’s going to get the first crack at the game. Once that is determined, the first player needs to place a token (this token can either be an X or an O depending on what the players have agreed to use) after the first player places his token then the player two follows by placing his own token.

The goal is to create a row of three tokens, which can be very tricky with both players blocking each other’s token to prevent each one from making a three-row of tokens. Once the three by three grids is full with tokens and nobody has created a row of three token, then the game is over, and no one wins. That’s how easy it is to play the tic tac toe game.

Ultimately, the fun part of the game is when the two players are trying to block each other so that one can create a row of identical tokens. This is a game which challenges both the mental and emotional aspect of the players for they are using their minds, creating a strategy in order to create a row of three tokens and have fun and enjoy the game at the same time.

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