The Simplicity of Tic Tac Toe


Among other paper and pencil game, tic tac toe is perhaps the easiest to play with. Requiring merely a pen and paper and of course another player to play with, the tic tac toe can be played until you pencil runs out. The tic tac toe game just features a few set of rules that players need to follow and the rest is all about strategy and who wants it more. Although the rule of the game is much simpler compared to other games, it does not mean that the whole game is easy.

The X’s and O’s

Twoof the major characters of the tic tac toe games are the letter’s X and O for these two letters are the designated symbols that the game used to differentiate the two players playing the game. In other words, we have player X and player O. another simple rule to follow is that player X always goes first and O comes second. Tossing a coin determines which of the two players will be X, and the other will take O as his symbol.

The main objective of the game is to make three symbols in succession or rows in order to win the match. The players will take an alternate chance in placing their symbols in the three by three grids and who ever will create the first three symbols in a row wins the game. However, if the players fill the entire grid with symbols without a conclusion of who the winner is, then there would be a draw which is called a “cat’s game.” If such a scenario occurs, all the players have to do is to do the game again and this time the two players will switch sides to give each other a fair chance.

Ultimately, the game does not require a lot from the players. Everything is provided by the game, the only thing that the player needs is his mind. He must be able, to somehow formulate a strategy to ensure that he will be able to place three symbols in a row in any part of the grid so that he can win the game. Furthermore, being mentally sharp, calm and patience will really help in getting that win that you’re looking for.

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