Tic Tac Toe History


Most of the general public would agree that knowing the history of something that you constantly spend your time with is a must to have a better understanding of why you do that thing that you like to do. Playing a game is one of the things that we usually spend our time with and knowing the history of the game that we play is essential in understanding the full essence of the game.

Tic tac toe is one of the classic games that have a rich history behind, and players of this game need to take a break and read what the game is all about. Knowing how the game was developed and the inspiration behind it is, how was it developed and who created the game are things that the players should know about and not just play the game for enjoyment and nothing else.

Brief Background

Originally, the game was from Ancient Rome during the first century. We used to know Roman citizens as barbaric, fearlessly competitive and one of the most popular sports that they have contributed in the history books is gladiatorial combats. However, the Romans were also fond of board games, which combine military strategies and competitive board games like chess, backgammon and also the tic tac toe.

Although the tic tac toe game came from Ancient Rome, it wasn’t popular where it came from. The game really was known during 1884 when the games first printed version came out, and it was called a kids game. However, as the years went on, the game has slowly captured the interest of the general public and ultimately ending up as one of the best paper and pencil game during that era. This just seems to show that it really does not matter how old the game is but as long as the game has some interesting thing about it then it’s worthwhile to play it.

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